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Congestion Tour Canada

Bryce Wylde

According to a national survey conducted by Angus-Reid, the most congested cities in Canada are:

  • Toronto - 78 per cent of residents reporting nasal congestion
  • Calgary - 78 per cent of residents reporting nasal congestion
  • Vancouver - 76 per cent of residents reporting nasal congestion...

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Options to Fight Colds and Flu

Every winter, respiratory infections are a hot topic.   Several factors, including lack of sun, sleep and vitamin D, the cold, proximity imposed by closed and dry environments, affect us and increase our susceptibility to various viruses and attackers of the respiratory system.

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During the Holidays, say NO to colds and YES to our exclusive trial offer!

To reduce the risk of a cold infection, use these simple yet effective tips during the Holiday celebrations.

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Consumers testimonials

This product works so well! I couldn’t believe how well it alleviated my cold symptoms… I experienced such a drastic and rapid recovery after about 2 hours of taking this product that I was amazed and saying, “Oh wow!” I was actually breathing more easily than if I did not have a cold… Amazing! I will definitely use this product when I get a cold again! Thanks!

Jacob, Software Engineer, B.C.

I grew up in Quebec, and while I was on flight, I read an article that impressed me about your biotech company, which was started by a woman. It really stuck out, as I had never really heard much about biotech living in New York and Quebec. Now that I live In San Diego, they are like fast-food joints: They are everywhere! During my last trip to Quebec, I got a cold and took your product. I loved it. Thank you!

Danielle, Pharmaceutical Sales, San Diego

My entire family uses it and it seems to be the only product that works for us! Thanks for that!

Cynthia, Homemaker, N.S.

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